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Acclaim for Crimson Dreams

Gifted writer = fantastic read.  Wow! What a fantastic read! Romance, time travel, mystery, and vampires – seems like a lot for one book, but Georgiana Fields weaves it all together beautifully with vivid details and clear story lines. She is truly a gifted writer. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series! 

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"It is not often that I want to immediately reread a book, but Fields has grabbed my attention, focused it with laser-like accuracy on her characters, and hypnotized me with her unique and engaging plot. An absolute must-read for anyone who even thinks they enjoy a good vampire story..."

As with its predecessors, Crimson Dawn begins with a bang and the action never ceases from cover to cover. Fields opens each of her books with the most impressive and captivating events, grabbing readers’ attention and drawing them into the characters’ dilemmas from the first paragraph.

" is also worth mentioning that Fields has littered the novel with delightful little romance scenes. She skillfully balances a fine line, creating love scenes that are both passionate and thrilling while still feeling tactful – like you wouldn’t be too embarrassed if someone caught you reading them because, come on, it’s a hot vampire love scene!"

"Fields wastes no time in bringing the action. Readers will not be disappointed with Quaid’s introduction and the events surrounding his struggle to regain everything he has lost. Action is the name of the game with Fields."

"As with Fields’s first book in the series, Crimson Dreams, readers will find intense action sequences, bloodthirsty characters, and breathtaking moments..."

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