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The Crimson Series

Georgiana Fields writes paranormal romantic suspense, featuring strong men, and resilient women who never give up. Her stories are filled with laughs, love, struggles, new beginnings and always happy endings.

Crimson Dreams book cover

Crimson Dreams

Rose Kelley, a modern-day Victorian restoration expert, is transported back to 1900 Victorian England. She meets her true mate, a Dhampir, and becomes the target of a Jack the Ripper-esque killer. Can a 21st-century woman survive in Victorian England? Can Vaughn Madoc protect the woman he loves in his time or hers?

Crimson Hearts book cover

Crimson Hearts

Book two of the Crimson Series returns to the world of the ancient Dhampir. Vampires, shape-shifters, and a witch hunter bent on murder. Caitlin and Raven must work together to stop the murderer before Caitlin becomes his next victim.

Crimson Moon book cover

Crimson Moon

Crimson Moon, book 3 in the Crimson series, continues the saga of Dhampir. Tristen Wolfe has lost his brother, Peter, and Peter’s mate due to Fagan’s vendetta against the Wolfe family. He must find his missing four-year-old niece, who fled her parents’ murderers and her burning house. Each day she remains lost adds to his fear those hunting her will find her first, or humans will discover her Dhampir nature.


Wise-cracking, independent Niki is a survivor. She has survived loss and abuse. The Okefenokee Swamp and Toby, her protector, provide a sanctuary of peace and security until she finds a lost child with a frightening secret, a child others will kill to possess.


Tristan finds Shelby in the arms of Nicole, his lifemate, in time to rescue them. Pursued by his enemies, they return to his family home. Can Tristan and Niki survive a clan war and claim the love destined to be theirs?


Action-packed, Crimson Moon will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you fall in love.

Crimson Dawn book cover

Crimson Dawn

Jenny has lusted after Royce Lucard forever!

But she can’t be his fated mate for so many reasons. He still sees her as a bratty kid, despite her being a highly trained Healer. Worse she is the granddaughter of the sworn enemy of the Lucard Clan. Finally, she is fangless! Jenny is considered defective by her birth clan as well as other Dhampirs.

Sometimes it’s better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission, especially when saving the lives of others. When Royce finds out about Jenny sacrificing herself to heal him, he lashes out and orders her to stay away. She runs—all the way to Sanibel Island, Florida. Her favorite retreat.

Royce has waited over 13 years to claim Jenny. He ignored her, giving her a chance to become the incredible woman and Healer she was meant to be.  Desperate over her disappearance, he must find her and convince her that she is his fated mate or be doomed to centuries of loneliness.

Stolen children, kidnapped women, and the evil of Eugenics place Royce and Jenny in grave danger. Can their extraordinary Dhampir talents and love for each other survive an evil that has lasted centuries?

Crimson Haze book cover

Crimson Haze

A chance to live and love.

Imprisoned since WWII and subjected to Eugenic experimentation, Simone is terrified of men and has no clue how to live in the 21st century. Once rescued, she embraces her new freedom. Despite her fears, Simone resolves to reach out to the damaged man who is her lifemate and find the love she has craved for decades.

During the mission that rescued Simone, Quaid lost his leg.  He has adapted to his prosthesis but is devastated by the loss of his inner wolf and his inability to shift. Quaid retreats to his cabin in New Hampshire, struggling to cope with these new losses and believing he cannot protect those he loves.

Enemies who fear Simone’s knowledge about their participation in the experimentation on Dhampir women hunt her as she follows Quaid to his mountain home. Nothing will stop them until she is recaptured or dead.

Can Quaid and Simone survive the determination of their enemies and face their own emotional scars to build a life together?

Crimson Shores book cover

Crimson Shores

Just another day at the office?

Karma. Her name is Karma, but it should be Chaos because that’s what Karma’s life has been since contracting to do a forensic audit for two Fortune 500 companies that were hacked, then robbed of millions. Her job’s side benefit is daily conversations with uber-sexy CFO Morgan Wolfe, conversations that become so much more than business.

There’s no time to celebrate completing the audit and returning the missing funds as her apartment door is kicked in. Being kidnapped, beaten, and drugged definitely land in the liability column.

Karma wakes up in a warehouse bound to a chair. She must be hallucinating. Men wearing black come to her rescue, but people do not turn to dust, nor do they change into ferocious animals.

Morgan Wolfe has spent the last four months talking to Karma nightly. Something about her sexy, sassy voice draws him to her. When an old enemy kidnaps her, Morgan risks everything to get her back.

From the moment Morgan and his wolf catch the curvy woman’s scent, Morgan knows Karma is his destined mate he’s waited centuries to find. He only has to get Karma to fall in love with him, accept his Dhampiric side, and keep her safe from those who want to kill her. Easy. Just another day at the office.

Crimson Christmas book cover

A Chaotic Crimson Christmas

A Chaotic Crimson Christmas takes place after Crimson Dreams and Crimson Haze. This is a stand-alone with as always a happy ever after.

It’s a week before Christmas, and all Edgar wants is to be with family. Is it so wrong for him to want a traditional Christmas filled with family and laughing children? As much as he yearns for it, he knows it’s impossible.

His job with the FBI ruined his marriage. His sons now live across the country with their mom and new stepdad. His brother Raven lives in Scotland with his wife and children. So Edgar will be alone for Christmas.

A new investigation would pull him out of this holiday humbug. Called to the United Kingdom on Dhampir business provides a much-needed distraction. He lands in England to learn he is Raven’s Christmas gift.

Edgar is ecstatic to spend Christmas with family and friends…But he needs to be mindful of what he wishes for.

Christmas can be chaotic at the best of times. Even more so when you add in six excited children, grandparents quite willing to spoil the children, seven unique kittens, drones, a troublesome neighbor, and a dead body.

Will Edgar have his family holiday and, perhaps, find a little something extra underneath the mistletoe?

Crimson Nights book cover

Crimson Nights

On her worst birthday ever, talented sculptor Cordelia Parsons’ 55 th becomes a nightmare.

Instead of lunch at a favorite restaurant, she learns her ex is suing her. Again. On her way home, she’s carjacked, pistol-whipped, and robbed. Adding insult to injury, Delia returns home to find her eccentric, elderly aunt has hired a stripper.
In keeping with the insanity of her day, he is everything she’s dreamed of if only he wasn’t 20 years younger. Becoming a cougar was never part of her life plan.


Never again would Glen MacPhee wager with his office manager! Never! His plan is to ring the doorbell, enter, hit play, then shake his arse while he strips for some poor lass’s birthday. With luck, he’ll be in and out in under ten minutes.

However, approaching the door, Glen senses his life-mate, proving the universe has a perverse sense of humor. The woman he’s waited centuries to meet, and her first impression will be of him dropping his pants. Seeing her injuries, the daemon inside fights to emerge, hunt down her attacker, then make Delia his.

Delia refuses to believe Glen’s interest is serious because he appears so much younger, even though he’s actually older by a few centuries. Worse, the attacks on Delia continue, each more dangerous than the last, with no clues to her assailant’s identity.

Will Glen be able to identify and thwart the person who wants Delia dead?

Or will he lose her to a cunning adversary?

Tulips Mean Love cover

Tulips Mean Love

Danielle Rossi knew her boss, Magnus DuMond, was a bloodsucker, but after working 745 days straight, she quit. It no longer mattered that she had loved him for the past five years and had given everything she had to give. Danielle was a curvy girl, and far from the blond cover models or starlets, he chose to date. When Dani goes to Cupid’s Bow, GA for a job interview she is shocked to find her boss waiting for her.

Magnus refused to allow Dani to quit. He had waited centuries to find this one special woman. This was his only chance to claim her heart. Magnus knew everything about running a business empire and nothing about winning Dani’s love.

Yuletide Magic book cover

Yuletide Magic

A short story about Yuletide, elves, and magic to lighten the season.  Do you know what happens when a mortal speaks the name of an elf? 


Read this wonderful story to find out.

This short story is from the anthology "A Stone Mountain Christmas," published by Gilded Dragonfly Books.

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